by alexA Fischer


est 2017

Wishbeads® founder Alexa Fischer is an actress, coach, author, and motivational speaker whose work helps people go after their dreams, build their confidence, and break free from fear. Using online courses, private coaching, and her goal-setting jewelry line, Alexa’s work has reached tens of thousands of people. She has shared her techniques with future leaders at the Girls Athletic Leadership School and current leaders at companies like Trader Joe’s, SONY, Google, PepsiCo, and IBM.

Wishbeads jewelry is carried in boutiques around the country and has been worn by celebrities, friends, and folks young and old.

11% of every purchase from Wishbeads on Made For More will go to supporting The Advot Project. 



Creating high vibrational jewelry rooted in the resonance of properties and energy of each gemstone and origins of where the materials are sourced. The bracelet serves as a daily reminder to focus on your wishes, dreams, and goals, reinforced every time you look at your wrist.

why I love this cause

As an actress, coach, public speaker, and advocate for empowering youth, The Advot Project shares my passion and commitment to help others to find their own voice. This organization improves lives through communication and relationship skills through the performing arts.

Passion + purpose

+ giving wishes the power they need to realize their reality

coaching and empowering others to reach their dreams
+ alleviating poverty and hunger especially in children

if i wasn't a designer i would

+ following my curiosity to the next adventure

why I am made for more

I believe we all are co-creators of limitless potential.
I’m made for more… and so are you.  

the advot project

theater for change


The word advot means ripple in the Hebrew language.The Advot Project prepares youth for success by teaching them communication and relationship skills through the arts. 

We transform lives with the ripple effect of change. We aim to create a world of equality and justice in which every person has the ability to express their goals, needs, desires and fears.By teaching communication tools and relationship skills through art based curriculum’s, we empower and equip participants to shift their belief systems and become self-advocates so that they can live their best lives and reach their full potential.

Currently the Performing Arts Program is using our "Relationships 101" curriculum to serve young girls in juvenile detention at LA County's Camp Kenyon Scudder in a 10-week course that culminates with a final presentation, written and performed by the participants.


Relationship 101

The Performing Arts Program uses our "Relationships 101" curriculum to serve young girls in juvenile detention at LA County's Camp Kenyon Scudder in a 10-week course.


"Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury for women in America." Home Shalom strives to raise awareness about domestic violence in the Jewish community by presenting teen workshops on healthy relationships in synagogues, schools and Jewish youth organizations.

in support of Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

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