koren nelson

Jewerly designer

Los angeles, ca 

est 2002

Koren is a multidisciplinary designer passionate about designing a better world through environmental choices, human rights, conscious consumerism and design. Her love for gemstones, nature, and jewelry design began in her early teens working primarily with cloisonné channel enamel and stone-setting. 

Influenced by different cultures and eras, Koren weaves elements of textile design, architecture, and illustration into her line. With a background in illustration and logo design, Koren has a unique way of illustrating with wax to create her original castings and intricately weaves gemstones and pearls that drip and drape on the body like fluid fabric. 

Koren prioritizes ethical sourcing and local manufacturing and splits her life between Los Angeles and Berlin, with a great love for South Africa.

11% of every purchase from Koren Nelson's line supports ocean cleanup an renewal organizations. 


+ Prescriptive gemstones 

+ Hand illustrating and carving with wax 

+ Conscious metals 

+ Dripping and draping chain

+ Weaving chain and stone 


passion + purpose

+ Healing hearts and opening minds 

+ Eradicating single use plastic 
+ Designing a better world
+ Embracing the flow more than the hustle
+ Converting chlorine pools to healing saline or ozone 

if i wasn't a designer i would

+ Join the Peace Corps or an NGO in Africa
+ Work at the Knysna, South Africa elephant orphanage
+ Build community around championing a better world  
+ Design eco-friendly plastics and packaging
+ Dive into more interior design community projects

ocean renewal



An avid swimmer, Koren loves water and the ocean and is adamant about reducing her carbon footprint and single use plastic to clean up the ocean and the planet. Determined to lead by example, she is committed to eliminating single use plastic in her own life and prioritizes her upcycled, slow fashion style to reduce water and plastic waste used in fast fashion. 

If you are a non-profit interested in partnering with Koren Nelson jewelry, please contact us to benefit from the Made For More 11% designer donation program. 


in support of the Ocean Cleanup and Renewal

Designers wanted


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